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Using Our Israel Country Map


















1. We use Google Maps as the base for our Israel map.  Unfortunately, the data they make available to ThereArePlaces, does not contain the same detail as the map of Israel available at the Google Maps website.  In the case of Israel, the licenses that Google has with its data providers prohibit it from sharing that data with third-parties, such as ThereArePlaces.  As a consequence, our map of the best places to visit in Israel has a background satellite image, but little other cartographic detail. 

2. Doubling clicking any position on the map will center the map at that location and zoom into (magnify) it.

3.  The satellite imagery provided by Google for Israel is of extremely low quality and will not bear significant magnification.  We apologize for this limitation.

4.  You may prefer our standard map of the best places to visit in Israel, which can be found here.

5.  We have added a Google search bar to most of our maps.  If you enter the name of something you want to find on the map (like gelato in Rome or kilts in Edinburgh), clicking the search button will result in a list of places displayed above the search bar, as well as symbols for these locations on the map.  Click either the listing or the symbol to open a window containing contact information for the listing.  Try it, we think you will like it, but the lack of detail on the Israel map may limit its usefulness.

6.  If you have any problems using our maps, please let us know - use this email address -

The base map design, content and data are  Google and its suppliers.  The selection of places and other aspects of the information on the map pages are ThereArePlaces or its suppliers.


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