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Paris Travel Guide

Map of the Paris Train Stations.  (For information on using this map click here.)


Tourist Paris

If you will be arriving or departing Paris by train, our map of Paris Train Stations will help you to find the locations of the major train stations in Paris.  If you are not riding the rails, you may find the stations are attractions in themselves, as most have been gifted with beautiful architecture and interesting histories.

Tourist Paris is relatively compact loop along the Right and Left banks of the Seine.  Paris is not a city for driving. A stroll through the city is a great way to explore Paris, but you will save a lot of time by using the Metro.

Visitors to Paris are attracted to the Louvre, the city's famous art museums, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe  and other attractions described in our Paris Guide

Hotels in Paris

Lodging in Paris  takes a variety of forms including hotels, pensions, hostels and rentals. Make reservations well in advance, as Paris is a popular tourist destination and a vibrant business center. Make sure your hotel in Paris is air conditioned, if you plan to visit the City of Light in the Summer.
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