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Best Places to Visit in Normandy France

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2-Day Normandy, Saint Malo and Mont St Michel Tour from Paris

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Pointe du Hoc was scaled by Army rangers during the D-Day invasion This peaceful looking coastline at Point du Hoc was the site of one of the deadliest battles on D-Day


D-Day Invasion     

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Normandy Overview   


Background for Touring the Invasion Beaches

Although the Normandy region of France is blessed with a large number of historically important and interesting attractions, the majority of tourists come to see the World War II invasion beaches (Les Plages du D颡rquement -The Invasion Beaches) that were memorialized with the invasion of Europe on D-Day, June 6, 1944. The D-Day invasions signaled the beginning of the end of the Third Reich, but during the early hours of the action, the outcome was not as clear as it is in hindsight.

Normandy is an open-air classroom memorializing the opening of the European Front during World War II.  There is much to see, do and think about.  Today, the once violent battlefields of Normandy are sleepy, quiet and pastoral.  It is hard to image the death and destruction that occurred across this now idyllic countryside. 

If you are intent on visiting the invasion beaches and want to familiarize yourself with this important development in European history, plan on spending three-days wandering the many sites that commemorate D-Day. Visiting the invasion beaches is a hauntingly sad, but vitally interesting exploration. We suggest that you, consider mixing in local flavor by visiting the other locations in Normandy recommended in the menu at the lower  left. 

The 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion will be observed in 2014.  There will be many celebrations contending for your attention and we urge you to consult Normandie Tourisme for the dates and times of specific events.

If you have entered our Normandy Guide on this page, we suggest you take some time to read our Normandy Overview and familiarize yourself with the geography of this interesting area  of France.

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casemates at Longues-sur-Mer The guns at Longues-sur-Mer were positioned to shell Omaha Beach and Gold Beach on the Normandy coastline.









Best Places to Visit in France

pillboxes guarded Omaha Beach from the invading forces. Looking toward Omaha Beach from the inside of a German bunker


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