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London Travel Guide Map

Map Showing the Location of Leicester Square in London.  (For information on using this map click here.)

Tourist London

London reveals its beauty through walking.  A pleasant stroll through the city is a great way to soak of the Best Places to Visit in London.   Don't bother to rent a car, as parking and driving are a major hassles.   The Underground in London is crowded at rush hour, but a great way to get around the city at other times of the day.  Visitors to London are attracted to the monarchy, the city's historic monuments, its art galleries, theater and great places to shop.  Click here for our London Sightseeing Guide.

Hotels in London

Lodging in London takes a variety of forms from luxury hotels to budget lodgings.  Consider a rental for longer term visits.  Make reservations well in advance, as London is a popular tourist and business destination.  One thing to remember,  the "first floor" as Americans call it, is called the "ground floor" in London and most of Europe.  Similarly, the American "second floor" is the "first floor" in London and its hotels.

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