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Spello    is not on most tourist circuits of Umbria, which is why it is on ours.  This is a delightful, small town that provides a wonderful break from the crowds.  If you have time, see  the church San Maria Maggiori for its frescos by Pinturicchio.  Spello, also is, perhaps, the city in Umbria that best represents its Roman heritage.  Many of its wall and gates, though altered and disguised through centuries of tinkering, are Roman in origin. 






The Porta Venere Gate in Spello, Italy is one of six gates  that surround this delightful hill town. It is also one of the three  gates than dates back to the Roman era.



Although walking through Spello should not take a long time, due to the town's modest size, the delights of the city are many and you will find some reason to wander its inviting and narrow walkways.  Spello is close to Assisi and short drive from many of the most popular towns in Umbria.  If you like smaller, quieter places to stay, Spello may be a good  place to establish your base in Umbria.   By the way, Spello is reckoned by many to offer some of the best restaurants in Umbria. The food is great, but we suspect that the town's pleasant ambiance adds to the equation.


The  Roman aqueduct Ponte di Torri near Spello, Italy

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