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Independent travel or arranged tours?

The editors at ThereArePlaces believe it is important to indicate when independent travel is a good way to see a specific country.  Countries that lend themselves to independent travel are those where travelers can wander as they want, as secure in their explorations as they are when traveling in their home country.  Conditions in some destinations do not lend themselves to independent, individual travel. We note those destinations where travelers, in our opinion, are better served by exploring the country as part of a tour arranged by a reputable company. As an alternative, consider a tour guide to escort you and your party to the destinations of interest.  Be sure to examine a potential guide's character and professional references.

If you are an experienced, savvy traveler, you may feel perfectly comfortable as an independent traveler in any environment.  Most travelers simply do not have that level of skill and would rather avoid areas where travel is difficult: after all, vacations are times to escape work and stress.
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