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Using Our Maps



















How to get the most out of our Train Station Maps.

General Use of Our Train Station Maps

1.  You arrived at this page after clicking a link to one of our train station maps and the map should be centered on the city you selected. You can move the map around within the frame by depressing the left mouse button while moving your mouse in the direction of interest on the map . In addition, the  map can be zoomed or roamed using the control bar at the top left of the map. 

2. Doubling clicking any position on the map will center the map at that location and zoom into (magnify) it.

3.  You can view the geographical area as a map, an aerial photograph/satellite image or a combination of map and image by choosing one of the buttons at the top right of the display area.  Our maps showing city detail are spectacular when viewed with the hybrid button that combines street detail with an aerial image of the area.  Just zoom in for more detail.

4.  The order of the Train Stations on the right hand edge of the map page (if there is more than one location) is alphabetical.

5 In browsers other than Internet Explorer, if an icon on the map is within the shadow cast by an information window, the icon may not be clickable on the map unless you close the information window.  This issue is related to how browsers handle transparency.

6.  If you have any problems using our maps, please let us know - use this email address -

The base map design, content and data are  Google and its suppliers.  The selection of places and other aspects of the information on the map pages are ThereArePlaces or its suppliers.



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