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     Sanssouci in Potsdam

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Sanssouci   is the delightful series of palaces and parklands built by Frederick the Great, who was King of Prussia in the mid-18th century.  The original palace (shown above) has a staircase that cascades down into an exceptional park containing elegant gardens.  Although often called the German Versailles, Sanssouci is a much smaller and more reserved estate.



Eventually, King Frederick felt the need for a newer and larger palace and had the Neus Palace, shown below, constructed on the western edge of the park at Sanssouci.



Below is the Orangery, which was the last building constructed at Sanssouci (mid-19th century).  In addition to including a greenhouse and residential area, it contained Raphael Hall, the largest room in the Palace, which still is used to display paintings based on the works of Raphael.



The Chinese House in the Sanssouci gardens was designed as an ornate pavilion for hosting social events.  The building's characteristics are a text book example of the Chinoiserie style of architecture that swept Europe during the mid-18th century.

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