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          The Rhine Valley

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The Rhine Valley, Germany

Lorch, Germany is one of the many pleasant towns along the Rhine River.

The Rhine River , its towns and scenery make the Rhine Valley Germany  one of the most popular and fascinating attractions in Europe.  River cruising on the Rhine is growing in popularity as the travel industry is beginning to see vacationers choose to move from big boats to smaller boats and new venues.  As you can see from our photographs the Rhine River and its valley can be incredibly beautiful - and the region's wines are very good, as well.

The Rhine rises in the Swiss Alps, flows north, creating a border between France and Germany and then flows across Germany being fed by its tributaries including the Nekar, the Main and the Moselle, before it enters the Netherlands, mixes with some other rivers and eventually crosses a large delta during its exit to the North Sea.

The Rhine has always been an important transportation corridor, which led many minor nobles to construct castles on its hillsides to extract tariffs from passing barges.  Often, the positioning of the castles reflected one-upmanship, as nobles would leapfrog others in an attempt to be first in line for toll collection.  Many of the castles have fallen into ruin, others can be toured  and some are hotels.  Regardless, the castles add an aura of mystery and history to this wonderful valley.



The Furstenberg castle (closed to the public) sits above the town of Rheindeibach and across the Rhine (west) from the town of Lorch.

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Below is the town of Bingen am Rhein that is located at the junction of the Rhine and Nahe rivers.  The area around Bingen is attractive and offers several interesting landmarks.  More information about Bingen can be found at the town's official tourism information website.



One of the most well-known sites on the Rhine,  the Lorelei (Loreley) Rock on the east side of the Rhine River south of Sankt Goar (west bank) and Sankt Goarshausen (east bank), is one of the most notable sites along the Rhine.  In the past, this section of the river was the site of many boat wrecks due to a narrowing of the channel, minor rapids and the associated increase in speed of flow of the water.  In addition, a legend grew that the murmuring waters in this area were the voices of the Lorelei, maidens whose sole purpose in life was to lure unsuspecting sailors to their deaths.



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