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The Residenz in Munich




Best Places to Visit in Munich, Germany

The Residenz in Munich, Germany

There are endless delights to be found at the Residenz in Munich.  You will need to tour both the Palace and the Treasury to see all of them, but the effort is very rewarding.  If you mouse each photo, you will see a caption describing the scene.

                      The Antiquarium being prepared for an event    There are a number of excellent cabinets with amazing details.

                        The tapestries are colorful  and many tell tales of the Wittelsbach family history



                       This is an image of a gilded wooden ceiling containing several handsome portraits.    More of the tapestries in the Residenz and a very uncomfortable looking bed

                       There is no doubt that it was good to be a Wittelsbach family member    The Kasisersaal (Emperor's Hall) is opulent


                   The ceilings throughout the Residenz are spectacular   More ceiling detail, in this case gilding.



                  The Ancestral Galley presents portraits of the Wittelsbachs    The Court Chapel at the Residenz Museum

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