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The Asamkirche in Munich


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Best Places to Visit in Munich, Germany

The Asamkirche in Munich, Germany

The Asam Church (Asamkircke) in Munich was built by the Asam brothers in the 18th century as their private church  connected to their home (the Asamhaus).  The interior of this small church is stunning, complex and an amazing example of late Baroque architecture.  The church was dedicated to St. Johann Nepomuk and bears that name, although it is popularly known as the Asam Church.   We thought that the best way to convey the beauty of the Asamkirche was to show you.  If you mouse the photos, captions will appear for each image.

                      Entrance to the Asam Kirche    the companion Asam House was connected to the church

                     The ceiling stuccos of the Asam Church are masterful      The Altar of the Asam Church merges with the overall design to create a powerful image.



                       The statuary around the compact  Asam church is vivid and complex    The altar is a work of great beauty

In addition to photographing the church, we experienced one of those moments that makes travel so rewarding.  As we were trying to position for some photos in the nearly empty church, a crowd came in and began moving towards the altar.  It was impossible to ignore them, as they barreled by everyone, like the incoming tide.   I thought, "Oh great, a tour!"  However, a moment later someone produced a pitch pipe, the hymnals opened and the concert was on.  We grabbed our video camera to record the sound, but decided to scan the church at the same time.  Later, when  viewing the film we realized that the moment was even more magical than we had thought.  Take a look and a listen.


If you want to see the video above in higher resolution, click on it and you will be taken to YouTube.  Once there, at the bottom right, just below the image of the video, will be a link labeled "high quality" that shows the video at a higher resolution.

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