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Augsburg, Germany




Best Places to Visit on the Romantic Road, Germany

The Dom in Augsburg

Down a few, rutted steps in the Dom Saint Maria in Augsburg you will find its Crypt, which dates from the 10th century. This underground section of the Dom is  a remnant of an earlier cathedral.  It is a dark, low, vaulted space with numerous short, narrow columns supporting the space above.  At one end is a small altar in an alcove.  The altar had two candles on it, and an inset window of some diaphanous, stone-like material, emitted light from what we assumed was an artificial source behind the wall.  (The crypt is slightly sunken and the day was overcast, so we think our presumption about the light source is correct.)  One the floor, about two feet in front of the altar is a brass plate in the floor commemorating Saint Simpert dated 778-807. 


We took several photos  of the altar and realized that it was too dark to do so without a flash, but purposefully choose not to interrupt the solitude of the crypt.  We want to share a curious image that appears behind the altar, one that we did not notice during our visit. 

The first image below has been reduced and cropped, but not enhanced in any way.  We use it to show you the general look of the altar to visitors.  Because we generally do not use full size images on our website due to the time it takes to load them when you view one of our pages, we reduce and crop them to conserve page space and bandwidth.  When we began to look at the pictures - we noticed something that we had not seen during our visit.

original image in the Crypt of the Dom in Augsburg

We sometimes use a commercial image processing package to enhance  images when our photos do not turn out quite as we had expected.  Shown below is the use of the "Enhance Photo" tool available in Paint Shop Pro.  As you can see, it lightened the scene, but the image appears to include several artifacts.  Upon closer look, the white walls appeared to contain images that we had not noticed when visiting the Crypt.

   simple enhancement of the image  from the Crypt in the Dom


The image below is a 50% reduction of the "enhanced" original.  In it, we have circled what appears to be two faces attached to rather bulbous bodies.  The image on the right appears to be the face of a man gazing up or across the alcove.  We "see" (from left to right within the blue circle) a forehead, eye socket, hair, and an irregularly shaped ear.  The image on the left has a cow or bull-like facial appearance (some say rabbit).   If you take a look at this same figure in the original at the top of the page, you might "see" that the figure on the left  could be a semi-bald man, perhaps a monk.  However, that was not the end of it.


reduced version of previous image from the Crypt in the Dom

We reduced the image further (no other processing was used) and now it appeared that the face  we thought we had seen in the image on the right-side was possibly a part of a larger head and face looking to the right or away from the altar .  Further, the image on the left now resembled a man looking down at the altar.  If you continue to look, you may see other details, or perhaps we are just too imaginative.  However, we thought you might be interested.  (All images copyright ThereArePlaces.)



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