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Best Places to Visit in Maulbronn

Maulbronn Monastery


 The Three Bowl fountain in the Fountain House is where the monks washed before meals and prayers
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About halfway between Stuttgart and Heidelberg, nestled within the boundaries of the Stromberg-Heuchelberg Naturpark, is the village of Maulbronn.  While you almost could miss the village in a blink of the eye, the reason to stop here is the town's unique  Cistercian Monastery that is approaching its 900th birthday.  The Monastery (and its associated buildings) comprise the Maulbronn Monastery Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Founded in 1147, the Cistercian Monastery at Maulbronn (known as the Maulbronn Monastery) is regarded as the most complete and best preserved of any monastery north of the Alps. The Monastery grew in size and reputation over the next few centuries and  it was significantly altered during the last 150 years, as attempts at preservation seemingly went awry.  However, a visit to the Maulbronn Monastery complex is well worth a few hours of your time, if you are in the area or passing through.

In the mid-16th century, after the Protestant Reformation (an attempt by Martin Luther to reform the Catholic Church), the Monastery was closed and soon reopened as a Protestant school, that still occupies a small part of the Maulbronn complex to this day. Famous students of the Monastery school include Johannes Kepler, the noted mathematician - astronomer and Herman Hesse, a Nobel Prize winner in literature in the mid-twentieth century.

The Monastery is part of a larger complex that includes a church and a number of separate buildings that were used to support the various activities of the monastery. The complex was walled and apparently able to function as a self-contained village.  Click our photos for captions indicating the name or functions of the sights we display.  For more information on visiting, see the link to the Monastery on the official town of Maulbronn website.

                    The Monastery at Maulbronn was built in an early Gothic style and is quite marvellous
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The church at the Monastery as seen from the cloister.The Monastery  at Maulbronn is very interesting, although if you enter in the off-season, you will find it cold, damp and very dark.  The Monastery is one of those places where you feel as if you are disturbing the past by your presence.  Its empty and somewhat forlorn rooms  convey a sense of extreme age as you  pass through the Monastery's relatively unadorned halls, which, also convey the asceticism so common to monastic life in the Middle Ages.

The three-hall  church, which was used exclusively by the Cistercian monks and brothers when the complex was operating as a monastery, has served as a Protestant church meeting the religious needs of the town since the Reformation.

The church has a number of interesting attractions; the pew stalls in the Monk's Choir are worth finding, as is an examination of the faded frescos surrounding them.  Many of the more interesting objects are hard to see, nestled in dark corners or near the floors of dimly illuminated rooms.  However, the hunt bears rich rewards and we believe that you will have pleasant memories of your visit to Maulbronn Monastery.

              The main doors at the Monastery were originally covered with animal skins.   The Cellarium has a modest display of the works of the stonemason who create the monastery.

             The Faust Tower was part of the defensive wall surrounding the Maulbronn Monastery    The colorful, Corridor Building

            The Narthex of the Church, sometimes called Paradise    The Granary, used to store the bounty of the harvests

           The former Treasury Building    Examples of some of the works of the stonemasons.


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