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Schloss Heidelberg


The Museum





The Museum at Castle Heidelberg

Schloss Heidelberg

The Museum

 Sandstone statue of Ludwig  V

The House of Castle History, a small and modest museum, occupies the Hall of Knights on the first floor of the Ruprecht Building.  The facility consists of several small rooms that are used to display interesting artifacts representing the Castle's history.  One of the rooms (the Modellsaal)contains large relief models of the Castle past and present.

There is little in the museum that demands your attention, but it is a nice introduction to the Castle and allows you to examine several interesting pieces close-up.  Our  images will show captions if you pause you mouse over them.


               A model of the Castle as  it appears today.

               Model of the Castle as it appeared at the height of its power

                   Fireplace of Friedrich II   Ancient tomb cover showing the departed and their beloved  hunting dog 

                  Imperial Eagle that was the coat-of-arms of Ruprecht III  Bust of King Ruprecht III

             Illustrated 17th century manuscript on display at the Museum


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