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Paris Travel Guide:

Best Places to Visit in Paris - Invalides


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This section of our Paris Travel Guide describes the best places to visit in the Invalides area. Click the links below to go directly to a specific place or just continue reading to explore this interesting section of Paris.

Invalides   Musée D'Orsay  Musée Rodin  Hôtel des Invalides

We provide brief descriptions of the leading attractions and link these to detailed maps of the areas described. The blue numbered location symbolized on the map are linked back to the descriptions of the attractions so you can click them and return to the feature's description on this page.

  • The Musée D'Orsay is a spectacular place to visit that combines important art in an incredibly attractive setting. Visiting the D'Orsay and the Rodin Museum on the same day is not recommended. We suggest you visit them on separate days to avoid overdosing on art.

  • Visiting the Hôtel des Invalides makes a nice stop after either museum.

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  • In addition to our "print-style" maps of Paris, we have added a more detailed street map based on Google maps.  To examine a satellite view of  the tourist attractions in Paris, click the airplane symbols that accompany the descriptions of most attractions. 
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In the description following the name of each attraction, the first notation is the arrondissement.   The second notation is R for Right Bank, L for Left Bank or IC for Île De La Cité. The "map symbol number" indicates the numeric "id' of the symbol showing the location of the attraction on the map

















Invalides   Top of Page

Hotel des Invalides


  • Invalides and surrounding attractions

    The Invalides neighborhood merges with the Eiffel Tower area on the west and Saint-Germain on the East. It is delightful neighborhood to walk, offering two great museums and the final resting place of Napoleon.

    Musée D'Orsay   Click for our map of the Invalides area of Paris   (7 ém) (L) -  map symbol 17

    The grand museum of the Impressionists is housed in the former D'Orsay train station. This well designed museum provides an excellent venue for the masterpieces of the leading Impressionists. If you like art, the D’Orsay is a must see. The D'Orsay's viewing rooms are streamlined and very efficient, but the time will pass quickly as your tour this museum.  You should allot two  hours to view the complete collection.  For more information, visit the museum's official website. Closed on Mondays.

    Musée Rodin    Click for our map of the Invalides area of Paris    (7 ém) (L) - map symbol 18 

    Located on the east side of Boulevard Des Invalides, this museum has the world's best collection of Rodin's sculptures and houses his personal art collection. The museum's Sculpture Garden is very enjoyable and the collection is magnificent.  The museum's website can be found here.  Closed Mondays

    Hôtel des Invalides       Click for our map of the Invalides area of Paris (7 ém) (R) - map symbol 19 

    The Invalides is a complex of buildings that include several museums and L'eglise de St. Louis des Invalides. The St Louis des Invalides Church houses the sarcophagus and remains of Napoleon I. Although the sarcophagus appears to be finely made of cherry when viewed from the gallery, it is red granite. The building is gorgeous. Behind the church, the former home for invalid soldiers, built by Louis XIV, is now a military museum.  See the museum's official web site for more detail. Closed first Monday of the month.

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Best Places to Visit in Paris  

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The ceiling in  St. Louis Invalides above the sarcophagus of Napoleon


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