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Paris Travel Guide:

Best Places to Visit in Paris - The Champs Elysées


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Marriott Paris Hotel Champs-Elysees

Marriott Paris Hotel Champs-Elysees






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This section of our Paris Vacation Guide describes the best places to visit along the Champs Elysées.  Click the links below to go directly to a specific place or just continue reading to explore the tourism attractions in this section of Paris.

Arc de Triomphe  Champs Elysées Cruising the Seine

We provide brief descriptions of the leading attractions and link these to detailed maps of the areas described. The blue numbered location symbolized on the maps are linked back to the descriptions of the attractions so you can click them and return to the feature's description on this page.

  • This is an area that you should walk to fully experience. Take the Metro to the Arc de Triomphe (the Charles De Gaulle Étoile stop) and then walk down the Champs Elysées towards the Louvre.
  • There are interesting shops and numerous street-side cafes. Don't rush your walk, take time to explore.  If you get the chance, come back at night when the illuminated Arc de Triomphe presents a great picture opportunity.
  • Don't forget that our photographs will show captions when you "mouse" them in Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • In addition to our "print-style" maps of Paris, we have added a more detailed street map based on Google maps.  To examine a satellite view of  the tourist attractions in Paris, click the airplane symbols that accompany the descriptions of most attractions. 
    •  The symbol looks like this 

  • You can also view the map as a street map or as a terrain map by using the buttons at the top right of the map display that appears when you click the airplane symbol.

In the description following the name of each attraction, the first notation is the arrondissement.   The second notation is R for Right Bank, L for Left Bank or IC for Île De La Cité. The "map symbol number" indicates the numeric "id' of the symbol showing the location of the attraction on the map

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The Arc de Triomphe









Paris has a number of wide avenues called the "Grand Boulevards", which were designed by Georges Haussmann, the planner responsible for the look of much of central Paris, during the last half of the nineteenth century. 

The Grand Magasins (the great department stores) were attracted to the Grand Boulevards.  If you have a chance, visit the two Grand Magasins on Boulevard Haussmann: Galeries Lafayette (#40) and Printemps (#64).


Printemps   has a delightful restaurant (Printemps de la Mode - Level 6) that sits beneath the store's impressive stained glass, "Art Nouveau Cupola that dates from the "Twenties".

On Galeries Lafayette's  6th floor you will find the largest shop for Paris souvenirs in the city.  On the same floor is the Lafayette Caffé, which offers good food and an outdoor terrace with views of the city.  See their official Website for more information.

La Samaritaine, a Paris landmark and one of the  City's most celebrated department stores, closed in June, 2005 due to "environmental" issues. Renovations are expected to take six years, after which the art deco masterpiece is scheduled to re-open




  • From the Arc de Triomphe along the Champs Elysées

    Arc de Triomphe   (8 ém) (R) - map symbol 1 

    The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most memorable sights in Paris. The monument is noted for its impressive size, which focuses attention on both the Place Charles de Gaulle and the Champs-Elysées. It was erected in honor of the victories of the armies of Napoleon

     The Arc de Triomphe at night is a remarkable sight

  • Adorning the sides of the Arc are four dramatic friezes a (La Marseilles (actually named the Departure of Volunteers of '92), the Resistance and Peace (both by the same artist), and the Triumph).
  •  A  memorial to the "Unknown Soldier" from World War I is found at the monument's base, along with an eternal flame commemorating all soldiers who have died fighting for freedom.
  • You can take the 284 steps (fee) to the top of the arch for a good view along the Champs Elysées and of the twelve Grand Avenues that converge at the Arc. The view to the east (Louvre) is breathtaking and includes the Place de la Concorde, The Tuileries and the Petit and Grand Palais.  To the west you can see the modernistic Grand Arch in La Defense.
  • Don't attempt to dash through the heavy traffic to reach the monument, underground pedestrian access is available from the north side of Champs Elysées.



Champs Elysées      (8 ém) (R) – map symbol 2

This broad avenue extends from Place Charles DeGaulle  (formerly the Place de L'Etoile) and its Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde. A great street for walking and  getting into the mood of Paris, this pleasant, tree-lined avenue has wide sidewalks, mostly touristy stores and numerous restaurants. Just a tidbit - but Avenue Foch is actually wider than the Champs Elysees.

  • If this is your first time in Paris, stop at one of the sidewalk cafes for a drink or a meal.  Yes, it is touristy, but for most of us this street is our introduction to the City of Light.

The Champs Elysées is one of the world's most famous streets and the sum of its parts stamp it as a distinctly French grand avenue.  Other than exploring the Arc de Triomphe up close, the main attraction of the Champs Elysées is the street itself, its crowds, its shops and the way it makes you feel that you have arrived in Paris.


Paris City Segway Night Tour
From Viator Tours

If you are a shopper, there is a lot to sample in this area.  The Triangle d'Or  (the triangular area surrounding Ave Montaigne, Ave George V and Rue François 1er) )and Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré (near the Grand Palais) have shops that include almost every well-known name in Paris fashion, as well as many other delightful shops.

Boulevard Haussmann, which changes into the Ave de Friedland and runs into the Place Charles de Gaulle, marks another important shopping area whose main attractions are referenced in the information block to the left. Note that the main shopping area along Boulevard Haussmann is to the  east near Rue de Rome.

Further east, the Champs Elysées passes the Palais de l'Elysée (north side of the street), which is the residence of the President of the Republic of France. On the south side are the stately Petit Palais and Grand Palais (noted for its curved, glass roof), attractive buildings  that were constructed for the International Exposition in 1900.  The Petite Palais is now home for the Musee Des Beaux Arts of the City of Paris.


Cruising the Seine  

8 ém) (R) – map symbol 2a

One great way to see central Paris is to take a cruise on the Seine on one of the large tourist boats dedicated to sightseeing.  Tourist boats ply the Seine day and night and  the best views of many of the city's grand monuments

The most popular boats are those known as   Bateaux-Mouches.  The name Bateaux-Mouches, while used in many travel books to describe  "tourist boats", is actually a trademark of the Compagnie Bateaux-Mouches, whose boats dock on the Right Bank between Pont de l'Alma and Pont des Invalides.  You can reach this area from the Champs Elysées by taking either Avenue George V or Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt south the to Seine. The Bateaux-Mouches are tiered boats and feature both open-top and enclosed viewing areas.  All are equipped with recordings that announce the monuments as you pass them. 

It's touristy, but if this is your first time in Paris, cough up the bucks for a night cruise.  Though attractive by daylight, the monuments are extraordinarily beautiful when illuminated.  You will find the view of Paris from the Seine to be worth every penny.  You can find more information at  or


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The famous La Marseilles frieze on the Arc de Triomphe





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In 2005 the Grand Palais reopened after  a twelve year refurbishment restored the complex to its original grandeur. 

The Grand Palais as seen from the Left Bank of the Seine River.

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