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Best Places to Visit in and around Salzburg


Flag of Austria




If you plan to travel in Austria, read the information you need to know about driving, health care, and more in our section: Austria Travel Information


The Festung Hohensalzburg (the Fortress) is a dramatic sight overlooking the city of Salzburg.  Include a visit when in Salzburg. See this website for information about visiting.


The Salzburger Dom (left)  was constructed in the 17th century and is celebrated as the church where Mozart was baptized. The Residenz (right) is the former Arch-Bishops Palace constructed in the Baroque style.  Both are two of the leading attractions in Salzburg.




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 St. Gilgen






















If you are interested in finding out more about Austria, its people, history, economy and geography,  visit our section: Austria Country Facts


St. Gilgen on Wolfgangsee Lake is a picturesque, small village in the middle of Austria's beautiful lake country.  In summer the area offers great hiking and biking, as well as water sports.


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Castle Werfen



About 30 miles south of Salzburg is Castle Werfen, a beautiful fortress snugly ensconced atop a ridge.   Known as Hohenwerfen, it is a “sister” fortress to the Hohensalzburg (shown at the top of the page). Both castles were constructed about the same time (11th century) to provide protection for an archbishop during a dispute between the Catholic pope (Gregory VII) and the Holy Roman Emperor (Henry IV) about which party had the right to choose candidates to become bishops (known as the investiture)). The castle staff provides guided tours (fee) and a Falconry demonstration (fee) see this site  for more information.


Be sure to see our map of the best places to visit in Austria.  Our Austria map can be used to calculate routes between the places we recommend.  In addition, using the satellite tab, you can see beautiful aerial views of the country.



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