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The London Underground


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This section of our London Travel Guide provides several widgets that will help you use the London Underground.

Tube Map
 Immediately below is a draggable map of the London (provided by Transport for London) that you can "move around to see the locations of stations - or directly search for the stations. Note that the map of the London Underground used by Transport for London is a stylized representation of how and where tube lines connect with tube stations. The map is not meant to be a representation of the Geography of London. In fact, many locations, directions and spatial relationships (topology) provide a distorted view of the actual geography of  the city above the Underground. However, when you are on the train, you can only travel where it takes you and the map is meant to show you the connections and the relative distances between them, not the actual positions of the stations.




Service Update
Before you heading out for the Underground, be sure to check availability for the route you need to take. Work of one sort or another is always happening on the Underground network and the widget below will show you which lines are running delays or on time. The information on the display should be updated every minute and is provided courtesy of Transport for London.




Journey Planner
If you want to take the Tube between locations, enter where you want to start from and your destination. The widget can handle many tourist destinations, but be sure to tag them as a place of interest using the drop down menu. You can also use addresses as starting or ending points, but it is easier just to enter an Underground Station as your departure point. The widget and information is provided by Transport for London.

Journey Planner
Advanced options

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