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Travel Advice - Traveler's checks denominated in foreign currencies

You can buy traveler’s checks denominated in foreign currencies. American Express offers their "Cheques" in

  • Pound Sterling
  • The Euro
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Australian Dollars
  • Japanese Yen.

The advantages of having your traveler’s checks in the local currency include

  • you will not pay a currency conversion fee to convert them from dollars to the local currency.
  • You will arrive at your destination with local “cash” in your pocket.

The disadvantages are

  • not all merchants will cash a check (even a traveler’s check)
  • You will buy the Traveler’s check based on an exchange rate that may fluctuate to your disadvantage by the time you transact your checks.

Basic Traveler’s checks are available free of charge to AAA member from their member services group. Purchasing foreign currency checks may require a small fee. If you do not belong to AAA, you can usually buy traveler’s checks at your bank. If you prefer American Express products, you can order their Travelers Cheques online.

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