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Travel Tips - Use a sky filter filter to protect your expensive lens

If you own a 35mm SLR camera,  or other camera whose lens takes filters, consider buying a clear sky filter to protect the lens  from scratches, dust, and other forms of damage. Since the lens on any camera is one of its most expensive parts and the one that seems to be most often at risk, it is good insurance to buy a sky filter to protect it from damage.

  • A sky filter will usually cost less than $20 and is easy to clean and use.
  • Once you have installed one on the end of your camera’s lens, you simply forget it.
    • It does not need to be removed, as you can shoot pictures through it without affecting their quality.
    • These types of filters can vary dramatically in optical quality, so be sure to purchase a quality filter.
    • Note that sky, haze filters and others designed to protect your lens can degrade the quality of images taken with telephoto lenses, particularly those above 150mm.
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