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The article on the right provides some details about our map table - a list of recommendations on the best map products by country.


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Travel Advice - Publishers of good quality, tourism oriented map product

We have created a Map Table that provides information on the publishers who provide good quality map product that is commonly available in travel shops or bookstores.  "Good quality" is subjective but our experience has been that publishers we recommend provide the best map products in the geographies listed.

  • The world of map publishing is undergoing substantial change.  Several of the publishers we would normally recommend are now in bankruptcy and it is unclear whether their products will continue to be available in the general market. 
  • Modern map publishing is largely a distribution business rather than a publishing business and the product quality of many "premier brands" has sagged dramatically in the past few years.  Most major European publishers continue to produce high quality product but the number of quality publishers in both the U.S. and European markets is declining.  It is hard to see the road ahead for these companies in the age of GPS.


If you cannot find the brands mentioned here, read our article "What makes a good map" and do your best with the titles available to you.

We will continue to update the list as we find quality publishers whose products are generally available to our readers.

If you do not have a travel stores or a bookseller nearby who stocks maps, a several online sites might meet your needs. 

  • The most user-friendly site we have found is . The Company is located in the UK and shipping is an added cost.  Currently, they claim folded map shipping costs 3.00 to the U.S. with a 3-7 day delivery time.  
  • (located in the US) has a smaller range of product ,less detailed description of  the products that they carry, but smaller shipping costs than listed above.

Finally if you order online, be sure you understand the return policy and security procedures that protect your credit card  and personal information.  If you do not feel that the Company provides the protection you desire, don't order.

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