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Travel Tips and Advice

Things Travelers Need To Know About Traveling

Need to Know About...?

Healthy Travel  (Tips to tune you up for your trip -and some to help while you are on the road.)
Lodging (Choosing places to stay)
Luggage and Packing  ( All the new rules and restrictions, as well as tips on packing and buying luggage.)
Maps and Guidebooks  (We know you know how to use maps - but maybe a refresher would be good?)
Memories (Tips on cameras, photography and note taking.)
Money Abroad (Currency exchange, ATM use, ins and outs of foreign money)
Passports, Visas, Customs  (You can't get there without them, so let's talk about official travel documents)
Safety and Security  (Good advice for avoiding problems during travel.)
Shopping (We cover the twists of shopping abroad.)
Strategies for Touring  (It sounds so easy, but we have some tactics that will make travel more satisfying.)
Transportation  (Advice on using cars, boats, trains and planes when traveling abroad).
Travel Planning Overview (Questions to ask and answer when planning your next vacation.)
Travel Tips (Info on power converters, using telephones and other things that may not work like they do at home).

If you need help with figuring out how to plan a great vacation, start with our  Travel Planning Overview

If you are thinking about international travel, consider reading our section on Passports and Visas.

If your trip is soon and you are short on time, you might want to look through our category Travel Tips - it is full of helpful information on common travel inquiries.

Our articles on Luggage and Packing are a good place to start if you need help on selecting bags, packing them or figuring out the best practices for packing..

Our section on Air Travel (under Transportation) covers the rules concerning what you can and cannot pack in luggage carried by air, in either the cabin or the hold  In addition, we cover the latest security requirements for flying.

If you are looking for information about visiting a specific destination , click here for our Best Places To Visit section, which includes all of the ThereArePlaces Destination Travel Guides.

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