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Luggage and Packing

All checked luggage is inspected by scanning or individual search.  We provide several recommendations that  you might want to observe in case  your luggage is inspected when you are not present.


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Travel Advice - Checked luggage Inspections

The US Transportation Security Administration requests airline travelers to leave their checked luggage unlocked, so that official security team members, if necessary, can inspect it. We have several recommendations for passengers who intend to check luggage on flights operating within  U.S. airspace.   If you intend to use carry-on luggage, read this article for the latest regulations concerning what you can and cannot take into the cabin of planes departing the U.S. For a comprehensive list of what you either can or cannot be packed in carry-on and checked luggage see our list.

Checked luggage inspection rules

Your luggage can be inspected without you being present.

  • Locks may be broken if the inspectors feel they need to examine your locked, checked luggage.
  • The TSA suggests that you secure your baggage with plastic cable or “zip” ties.
    • The ties are of use if your luggage features lockable zippers: instead of using a lock, secure them with a "zip tie".
    • These will be broken off if your bag is inspected, so bring several sets, in case you need to replace broken ties.
    • See our article on TSA  Approved Locks, for information on lock types that can be opened without damage during the TSA inspection process.

Inspectors will leave a preprinted note in your luggage indicating it has been hand searched.

  • The note will include a telephone number you can contact if there is a problem related to the search.

Avoid packing these items in checked luggage:

The following  valuable items should never be packed in luggage you plan to check.  Checked luggage is not secure and theft of items stored in checked luggage is relatively common.

Small valuables: cash, credit cards, jewelry, cameras, camera lenses.

Critical items: Keys, passport, tour vouchers, business papers and medicine (unless the medicine cannot be taken into the cabin - see Can I take it ).

Irreplaceable items: manuscript, heirlooms.

Fragile items: eyeglasses, glass containers and liquids (unless they cannot be taken into the cabin - see Can I take it ).

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