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Want to get in or out of the restroom but do not want to touch the public bathroom's grimy door? Follow the strategies in our article.



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Travel Tips - Handling that grimy public bathroom door

Many people face the “restroom door challenge” with trepidation, not wanting to touch the door but needing to open it.

  • If you are inside, take a paper towel  and use it to cover your hand when you open the door.  (Now you know why there are so many trash bins located strategically outside or restrooms.)
  • If the door is a “push door” and there are no towels, push it open with your hips or butt.
  • If it is a “pull door”, there are no towels, and you are wearing apparel that is long sleeved (e.g. sweatshirt, jacket, etc.) slip your hand inside the material and use the apparel as a glove while turning or pulling the handle.
  • Or, you can do the "door tango" and wait for the person who is in a rush to open the door for you.
  • If you have touched the the door or any other surface in the restroom, you may want to use a hand sanitizer afterwards.


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