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About ThereArePlaces®

We created ThereArePlaces® to provide you with independent advice related to travel and tourism. Our goal is to help make the next trip you take one of your best vacations ever. We are not a travel agency, nor is our advice and information created to benefit companies serving the travel industry, or the tourist board of any country.  Instead, our strategy is to help you to select destinations that will maximize the satisfaction your vacation brings.  In addition, we hope that we can provide advice that might  help you plan your travel in a manner that minimize  potential inconveniences. 

We do not publish paper travel guides, as we see the road ahead from a slightly different perspective.   In today's world, most would-be vacationers do not have the time or patience to read a 500 page travel guide, examine books  on travel planning, and  find travel articles scattered across newspapers, magazines and the Internet in preparation for our vacations.   We believe that at our site is well positioned to become the place you look when you want to know where to vacation or have questions about travel-related information.

Our website provides concise, useful information that can help you  plan a great vacation in a process that does not require days of searching the Internet.  If you want to buy a guide book and do more research after using our information to help you shape your next vacation - we think that's great.  If you use ThereArePlaces® to research and plan your trip and think that you are ready to make reservations, online or otherwise without additional research - that's great too! Our goal is to help you travel the world and enjoy it.

ThereArePlaces® is available on the Web across a variety of devices.

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ThereArePlaces® is a property of TeleMapics, LLC, a business focused on travel, tourism, and other location based services.  Through ThereArePlaces, we provide information services to the global travel industry.
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